Document protection

Document counterfeiting is a threat to the security of many industries. Cypheme offers a high-tech anti-counterfeit solution designed to prevent the expansion of this world-wide problem.

Document falsification

The widespread use and availability of sophisticated image editing softwares and printing tools has made the counterfeiting of official documents accessible to all: fake medical practice certificates, fake tax stamps, fake contracts and so on. These malpractices can have dramatic consequences for everyone: patients are put at risk because an impostor is impersonating a practitioner, unfair disputes are brought up based on a fake contract, faulty products are launched on the market because of a fake licence etc.

The Cypheme solution

A tag has been affixed to this packaging, giving it a unique and impossible to duplicate identifier. A simple photo makes it possible to recognize this identifier with certainty and confidence.

Authentication can be done via the organization’s or Cypheme’s WeChat and Facebook Messenger accounts or their respective Android or iOs applications.

Our solutions provide the best protection against counterfeiting in order to:
  • instantly verify the authenticity of documents;
  • detect fraud.
And they also open up an array of new possibilities such as:
  • sharing or accessing further information about the document;
  • linking to the blockchain to serve as a bridge with peer-to-peer certification;
  • connecting to any other automated system (biometry, secure door, etc.).

Integrating Cypheme

We will work with you in order to select the most appropriate solution according to your needs.
The Cypheme certificate can be integrated with any kind of protected document in different ways :
  • added to a document much like a stick-on tag;
  • pre-printed on a blank page which the document will be printed on;
  • added to other preexisting layers of security (watermark, precision printing, invisible ink, etc.).
I want everybody to be able to verify the authenticity of the documents
Cypheme allows anyone to verify the authenticity of your document, in seconds, by simply taking a picture with their smartphone. The process does not alter the document in any way, meaning it can be done freely, at any time and by anyone. No need for controllers to verify the authenticity of tax stamps since buyers will be able to do the verification themselves.
I want to make my inspectors’ job easier
Cypheme can easily become a new tool for your inspectors. Thanks to its speed, simplicity and reliability, this unique solution will only enhance their efficiency.

For additional security, the Cypheme system can also be deployed via secure devices and thus also used by third parties.

I want to confirm the information contained in the document, or provide additional information
After the scan, Cypheme allows you to push the information of your choice. Each certificate is unique and identified as such, so you can transmit as much information about it as you want, for example to confirm that it has not been altered.
I want to use the certificate to engage with the person who is scanning
Cypheme allows you to access any online system. For example, you can use it for online registration regarding a contract, a warranty certificate, or even a competition.
I want to connect my document to a system
With Cypheme, you can ensure that a document is unique. Thus, a simple Cypheme tag will allow you to transform a simple identification badge into a perfectly secure access pass. Or: added to a door, it can replace a biometric entry device with a simple connected lock.

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