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Cypheme puts an end to your counterfeiting problems

What would the ideal anti-counterfeit solution be?
Anyone could just take out their smartphone, scan a product
and instantly know, with full confidence, if it is genuine.

Well, that’s exactly what the Cypheme solution does.

A fully comprehensive solution

Put an inspector in your pocket

What previously required the work of an expert in a lab, our A.I. can do with just any smartphone, within seconds

  • Allow your customers to buy your products with full confidence of their safety and quality
  • Make custom clearance trivial
  • Protect your brand image. No more defective fakes mistaken for your real products

Get a direct overview of your market

Every scan, a dot on the map. In real time.

  • See where your customers are
  • Identify casual customers, recurring ones and your distributors
  • Know how many fakes are in circulation and where, distributed by who
  • Catch the bad guys

Tangible results

Ordinary anti-counterfeit systems help you to do damage control.
We provide you with a solution.


This study here comes from a real customer in the pharmaceutical sector. The percentage of fakes went from 44% to 11% in 8 month. In the same time, the company doubled their sales (for a volume in the 100 millions of dollars/year)

Effectively tackle the problem

  • Your customers want the real stuff. We can help them buy your products
  • No more sales lost to fake products
  • Help your honest distributor remove the fakes out of the circulation
  • Know where you need to act
  • Give the authorities everything they need to put the bad guys behind bars

It all adds up: within months the number of counterfeit goods in circulation will drop significantly.

Why Cypheme?

Normal anti-counterfeit solutions don’t work anymore

Counterfeiters have exactly the same industrial means as the security companies. No security feature is too complicated for them to copy.

  • Holograms are trivial to duplicate.
  • QR codes and blockchain are no security by themselves.
  • Single use features can be copied thousands of times before any alarm is raised and can’t indicate which is the original

Our technology spins the problem on its head to offer the only full-proof solution on the market.

Cypheme combines a chemically unique
signature, with an A.I. able to identify it

Just like a fingerprint, no two of them are identical.
It can’t be replicated, even by the same factory.

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